Community Projects



1. Environment projects: : In June 2013, 400 Bang Lang trees were planted with 8 million VND funding provided by the Longhouse and with the active support of Cat Tien National Park, Youth Union, tourists and local people.

Throughout 2015 and 2016 36 large bins were placed along the Ma and Stieng villages. The trash is now collected every 3 days and recycled in Tan Phu 18Km away.

2. Local families support: In 2013, the Longhouse contributed 5.5 million VND to support the purchase of 220 kg rice to provide food for the elderly, and 3.2 million VND loan to assist a family with a new goat farming business.

The CDF has also made available assessable loan arrangement for members of the community who are seeking alternative livelihood or trying to start up new business.

3. Educational development: The local elementary school has received much support over the years. In the past the school has been repainted inside and out, toilets refurbished and new classroom equipment. The Longhouse has an on-going project to providing English teachers for daily lessons.

Coffee Project

K’PHÊ is a project we launched in early 2015 in order to sustain the local agriculture and the forest around the Ta Lai area.

The first step was to select the farmers we wanted to work with that matched our ethos. Currently we support 3 local farmers who have shade-grown plantations. In the Ta Lai area the slash and burn farming technique has been applied and devastated the forests. By selecting farmers who haven’t followed this process and allowed the canopy to remain intact we hope to encourage more farmers to follow this way and slowly restore the forests.

Second step is to guide our farmers in raising the coffee beans. Indeed, to raise their ecological awareness, we buy the green beans 25% higher than the normal market price. In exchange farmers commit to hand pick the finest beans from the shaded coffee plantations, and to naturally sun dry them.

Each step, from the growing process through to the final drinking experience is in line with our 4 K’mitment:
- 100 % pure coffee
- Origin Ta Lai
- Shade-grown plantations
- Ethical engagement

When you stay with us you will be able to enjoy our Ta Lai coffee. To find out more please click on our logo below.


Future Projects

1. Aquaponics system: to provide each family with their own system using fish to produce the minerals to grow suitable and ecofriendly crops.

2. Water filter systems: to provide the village water points to allow them access to readily available clean and fresh water.

3. Compost toilets: We would like to provide each house hold with their own compost toilet.


For any interest in sponsoring or volunteering for a community project in Ta Lai, please contact us at info@talai-adventure.vn

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